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CycleCities events in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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CycleCities events in Ljubljana, Slovenia

20. June 2014
The 6th Meeting of the CycleCities Project took place in the heart of beautiful and sustainable city of Ljubljana between 3rd-5th June 2014.

The event was organized by the Business Support Centre Krajn (BSC), supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana, and the Regional environmental Center Slovenia (REC Slovenia) whose combined efforts led to an excellent event.

The 1st CycleCities international conference entitled” How to build an optimum cycling city environment” took place on 3rd of June the theme of the conference was connectivity and road safety. Speakers came from Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, the Netherlands and the UK and shared their experiences of encountered challenges and solution aiming to ensure safe and  smooth cycling networks in European cities. (The presentations are available under the links below.)

The interregional forum with the pertinent question of “How to Achieve an Optimum of Connectivity and Safety of Cycling in a City” has closed the intensive first day meeting with a very fruitful discussion.

The second day started with a cycling tour of the city both through the large pedestrianized centre and the outer districts of the city. The visit was followed by a workshop that provided the opportunity  for the exchange of experiences in development, decision making and implementation of sustainable mobility solutions with regards to the major theme - road safety and connectivity issues.

The Steering Committee meeting of the 3rd day the CycleCities partners were informed about the updates of the project and about upcoming relevant meetings and related initiatives.

Presentations from the conference:
- The European strategy on Sustainable mobility and the CycleCities achievements, prof. Thanos Vlastos, National Technical University of Athens, Sustainable Mobility Unit (.pdf, 604 kb)
- Cycling in Cities: the Past, the Present and the Future: What can we learn from Ljubljana approach?, Blaž Lokar, NGO “ZaMestoPoDveh” (“For-cities-on-two“) (.pdf, 6,8 mb)

Thematic lectures on Connectivity:
- SUMPs: an opportunity to boost cycling in cities, dr. Aljaž Plevnik, Urban planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (.pdf, 1,2 mb)
- SUMPs: Case of the Municipality of Ljutomer, Mitja Kolbl, Municipality of Ljutomer (.pdf, 3,2 mb)
- Cycling in Cities of Central & Eastern Europe - Lessons from the Mobile2020 Project, Andrej Klemenc, Regional environmental center Slovenia (.pdf, 1,1 mb)
- Connectivity of Cycling Network in a City: Design Principles and Implementation Tools, Ken Spence, Transport Initiatives LLP (.pdf, 3,5 mb)
Connectivity: Connecting cycling to other mobility modes!, Pascal J.W. van den Noort, Velo Mondial, A Micro Multi-National (.pdf, 17 mb)

Thematic Lectures on Road Safety
Designing to keep roads safe for cycling makes them safe for everyone, Pip Howson, London Borough of Merton (.pdf, 1,4 mb)
Educating and Training Pupils on Safe Cycling – Slovene Experience, Mateja Markl, Slovene Public Agency for Traffic Safety (.pdf, 1,2 mb)
- Safety of Cyclists in Slovenia: current situation and possible improvements, dr. Marko Renčelj, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor (.pdf, 1 mb)
Cyclists Advocacy Organizations and Their Role in Better Connectivity of Cycling Network and Safety of Cyclists in a City: the case of the City of Maribor, Josip Rotar, Maribor Cycling Network (.pdf, 7,1 mb)

Interregional Forum
- Discussion report (.pdf, 364 kb)

Workshops on connectivity and road safety
- Connectivity of the Cycling Network in a City - Presentation, Polona Andrejčič Mušič (.pdf, 1,5 mb)
- Connectivity of the Cycling Network in a City - Report, Polona Andrejčič Mušič (.pdf, 456 kb)
- Cycling and Road Safety in a City - Report, Andrej Klemenc, Regional environmental center Slovenia (.pdf, 322 kb)

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